NOTD: Essie Liquorice


At first look, this may seem like a very boring manicure and I guess in some ways it is, but I am a big fan of dark nails and regularly wear black varnish. Recently, I purchased this bottle of Essie in the shade Liquorice on a whim, as my other black is quite old and is getting a bit gloopy.

You may be thinking ‘its black, so what?’, but this is just one coat! With my previous nail varnishes, it has always taken several coats to get a properly black finish without any streaks. Not with this! Base coat, one coat of colour, followed up by a quick drying topcoat and I’ve got myself lovely glossy and pure black nails! This is my first time using this varnish and I have to say I am really impressed. I have only just put this on, so can’t comment about the longevity of this particular shade, but I have other Essie varnishes and find they last about a week chip free even on me (I am notorious for chipping my nails!).

Do I think this is worth £7.99? You betcha. I got mine on a 3 for 2 in Boots, which is still going, so if you’re thinking of getting some make up and things, check out the Essie counter whilst you’re at it.

(Also sorry about the lighting! It gets dark so early here in the UK now and the only way I could get bright photos was to use flash – not ideal!)

5 responses to “NOTD: Essie Liquorice

  1. rachelellisfashionandbeauty

    I have never tried the Essie nail varnishes but so many people love them I think I might have to take a trip to boots, especially if they have a deal on :) thanks!


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