Little Lush Haul


I finally did it! I went into Lush and bought some things all without sneezing! This for me is a small miracle. I’ve always seen such great reviews of Lush products, but the store itself has always put me off. However, one of my friends at work used to work at Lush and decided it was time to take me along and pass on some of her expertise, and I have to say I loved having my own personal assistant to introduce me to the store properly.

I only picked up two things, one of which I’d been half looking at online but wasn’t sure about. It was great to be able to go into the store and try out some samples and see just what it was I was getting for my money.


First up, is this Coalface Cleansing Soap. I’ve heard that charcoal is great for helping with blackheads, which I suffer from in the T zone and across the tops of my cheeks, plus I had been considering getting a secondary cleanser to use after my micellar water on days I wear make up to ensure my pores are properly clear. This, therefore, was the main thing I was interested in getting and I was quite surprised at how big a piece of this is. At £4.95 for 100g, I had been put off getting this thinking it was a lot of money, but having taken the plunge and started using it I can see that it will last me ages. This piece is the size of my hand! It’s really easy to use and unlike, well any other solid soap, it doesn’t leave my skin dry, thanks to the liquorice root in it. I’ve been enjoying using this so far and have found it easy to add into my routine so I’m glad I purchased it, although I haven’t had it long enough to comment on how its helping my skin.


This brightly coloured delight is the Brightside Bubble Bar, which I hadn’t heard of before but is a favourite of my friend’s so she wasted no time in recommending it to me and I was sold by its scent! It’s really citrusy and leaves the bath water orange, but also creates lots of bubbles. The scent of these lasts ages when used and even lingers on your skin after. I was told I only need 1/3 of this for my bath, but actually used 1/4 and didn’t think I needed much more. All you do is break off a piece and crumble it under running water to dissolve it and make bubbles. This is £4.25 for one and again it is a good size. I’ve really been liking this and would definitely look to repurchase when I use mine up.


The staff at Lush also gave me two little sample pots to try out, which I didn’t know they did. I got a face cream and a cleanser from them. On the left is the Aqua Marina Cleanser, which I haven’t tried yet as I’ve been using the Coalface cleanser. This is meant to be really good at absorbing excess oils and clearing the skin though and is £6.75 for a 100g pot. On the right is Vanishing Cream, which absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it ready for make up application and is meant to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. I used my little sample of this up over 3 days and it did absorb quickly and was nice and hydrating, but I do like to have some SPF in my facial moisturiser, so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this. This is £18.50 for a 45g pot, but a little goes a long way with so it will last you longer than you’d think.

So that’s everything I got in my little Lush haul! Overall, I am pleased that I’ve finally started to get into Lush, there’s a few more products I’m interested in trying and I’ve seen a few blog posts over the last couple of days about their Halloween and Christmas collections which looks amazing, so I don’t think it’ll be too long before I head back for something else. This Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar and Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar have caught my eye! I just love Halloween! And penguins. Penguins are awesome.

(Side note: anyone know where in the UK I can get some fun pumpkin goodies such as pumpkin coffee for at home, pumpkin pie and anything like that?)

What are your favourite Lush products? What do you think I should try next?




11 responses to “Little Lush Haul

  1. Brightside is my favourite!! Lush will always give you samples of loads of things if you talk to the assistants and sit down and have a ‘consultation’ with them. Usually they’ll just try out some products on your hand/arm. So it’s nice to actually learn a bit about the products and get to try before you buy which is what I like about lush (I’m not biased or anything! Haha). You should definitely try out the comforter bubble bar next – it’s the same size/shape as Brightside but it’s a blackcurrent-y scent!


    • Haha no not biased at all! And I’m sure loving your staff discount too!
      I did see the comforter one too but decided to get bright side as I preferred the scent. There was a mango bar that smelt amazing too. There’s just too much to choose from!x


      • Hahah, I don’t get it until my first pay check! ): but I suppose that works out well really; get paid then get to splurge it all on their products! :P haha.
        Yeah I prefer Brightside too. I always just want it all! x


      • Just resist getting anything until pay day to go on a massive shopping spree with the discount! Will be well worth the wait 😊 x


      • Yeah I recon so! I really really want that Celebrate body lotion. Smells divine. But body lotions are my weakness! haha x


      • Haha I have a lot of body lotions too! But working in retail again has rekindled my love affair of reading in the bath (sooo good to soak my feet after standing all day!) so I’m pretty obsessed with all the bubble bars atm, they’re just so indulgent 😊 x


      • Yes thats like my favourite thing ever to just relax. I can’t imagine not having a bath – it’s my one demand for when me and my boyfriend start looking for a house next year! haha. x


      • I didn’t have one at my flat in uni last year and I rarely missed it, but the shower we had there was amazing and I wasn’t on my feet that much, but now I’m back home I’m enjoying having one again!x


      • Yeah I never had one in first year at uni and I thought it was fine, until I got my bath back and I realised how much I’d missed it! I think if I didn’t have lovely goodies like LUSH bath stuff I wouldn’t bother – I don’t like I plain bath and a lot of other bath products irritate my skin. x


  2. I love Lush products and these look so amazing too. I really need to try a Lush cleanser! I absolutely adore their facemasks at the moment and their shampoo bars


    • The cleanser is good! I haven’t tried their face masks yet other than the tiny sample but I think I’ll get one at some point! I’m in love with their bubble bars 😊 x


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