September You Beauty Discovery Box Review

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As I mentioned before, this is my first box from You Beauty Discovery and I’ve now had plenty of time to go through and give these products a go. That means its time for some reviews!

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow

This is by far the best thing in this box. I have used it almost daily to help brighten up my inner eye as a highlighter and it works amazingly for that. I have also use d it as an eye shadow by blending it out across my lid. This did last really well and I was surprised at how well it lasted, but it did take some effort to blend that much as it is not intended to be used for that. It also works terribly blended directly over some eye shadow primer. All in all though, I do really like this pencil and  I am very impressed with it. Would I repurchase? I think I would repurchase the Oyster Glow shade, but I am also interested in getting another colour to try.

Germaine de Capuccini Excel Therapy Continuous Defence Cream & Multi Regengerating Rose Hip Oil

I had pretty high expectation of this oil, as I’ve heard great things about it, but at the same time I was skeptical that putting oil on to my face would then make it less oily. It seemed counter intuitive and I was right on that account. My skin felt greasy and I could tell there was a film of oil over it for quite a while after applying. Once I washed this excess off however, it did leave my skin feeling moisturised. Worth the £34.95 price tag? I don’t think so. The cream on the other hand, absorbs beautifully and leaves skin feeling soft. It does have a strange smell which I don’t like and again I won’t be repurchasing this. £51.50 is far too much for a moisturiser in my opinion.

Toni & Guy Volume Plumping Whip

This is the bonus birthday item and is a full sized 90ml pot worth £7.19! I was pretty pleased to see this in the box before realising it was a volumising product. As someone with naturally thick curly hair I definitely do not struggle for volume. But I decided to give this a go and see if it could help make a bigger style last longer. It didn’t. For me it made my hair feel flat and heavy, I would have got more volume if I hadn’t used it. Plus it feels really sticky to touch and this doesn’t absorb into the hair enough to take that stickiness away. The day after washing, I could feel that there was a lot of residue in my hair from this and had to go wash it out. If you have naturally voluminous hair, then I wouldn’t recommend this.

Otherwise, I received a make up sponge (which I haven’t used), tea bags and a voucher (which I haven’t used).  The voucher is for a food company which a friend has actually recommended to me, but I don’t buy the food in my house so I guess I’ll have to pass this on to my mum to give it a go.

I said in my first impressions post, that this was a free box which was misadvertised by a third party as being a one-off free box. It is in fact a 3 for 2 code which I used, but the YBD team have now sent out an email addressing this mix up, allowing people to cancel their subscriptions if they pay for the box they have received up front. I think this is really kind of them to allow people to do that and if you’ve done this and want to now cancel it’s really straight forward.

A month’s membership is £6.95 including P+P. This is the code I used:


Do you receive any beauty boxes? Which is your favourite?


8 responses to “September You Beauty Discovery Box Review

  1. I tagged you for a travel tag created by aspenonmars called ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go Travel Tag’. If you’re interested check out my post here:


  2. I’m gonna be a member!

    Thanks, Sophie ~


  3. I have to say, the 2 for 3 deal is a bit sneaky… >.>


    • Yeah was a bit awkward when I realised I’d committed to a few months, but I paid the first month and cancelled now. To be fair, it wasn’t the company who provide the boxes who advertised it wrong, a student money saving facebook page put the code up saying it was a free box not explaining that you’d then have to pay for two months so it’s good of YBD to allow people to pay for just one box and cancel x


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