Benefit Brow Bar Review

Just over a week ago, I went and visited my local Benefit Brow Bar (in Boots, some are in Debenhams though) and got my brows tinted and waxed. I’ve only had my brows waxed twice before and never tinted.

The last time I had my brows done, the technician did a really bad job which put me off for a while and I went back to plucking, but as always I ended up over plucking one brow (the other I pluck less cause of my fringe). Frustrated, I left my brows to grow back in for two months and started researching some better places to go. After reading Scarlet’s review over at AnxiouslyBold, I decided to check out my local brow bar.

IMG_1636 copyBefore, After with Gimme Brow, After without make up

I spoke to one of the advisors and she made me feel quite confident that they would take through the process properly with me to check what shape I wanted before doing any waxing. She said my brows looked ready to wax and would look better with a tint. I waited another week (mostly to wait for payday!) and then went and booked in.

I got an appointment the same day, with a different technician to the one I had spoken to before. Jess was really friendly and professional the whole time. She started off by mixing up the brow tint, which they do custom for you depending on how dark you want it. This doesn’t take long to develop and she checked I was happy the colour had processed enough before taking it off. No need to worry about this staining your skin, as they put vaseline around the area.

She then marked out where my brows should start, arch and end using brow zings and then filled them in to show me what shape she’d make, checking I was happy with it. Then she waxed. I don’t find waxing my brows too painful, in fact only on my less-plucked eye did it feel tender afterwards, but that’s just because I’m not used to it.

After removing the excess wax from my skin, she applied almond oil to soothe the skin, concealer to the red patches and then filled in my brows with gimme brow. Overall, I think I was about 20mins and I was quite happy with my brows and booked back in with Jess again for 4 weeks later. When I got home and took off the brow make up I decided I was very happy with how they looked. Since, I have been doing my make up without touching my brows apart from to brush them into place. I think they look so much better for being tinted instead of filled in as it makes them bolder without being too harsh.

IMG_1592Price List – May vary as not advertised online

I paid £18 for the tint and wax, which is a fair bit more than I paid the other place I had my brows done at, but I think it’s worth the price to get such professional treatment and quality products used. I will continue to get my brows done there for the foreseeable future, as I am so pleased with both the customer service and how my brows look. As an added bonus, Benefit offer a free treatment on your birthday month to existing customers and take down what tint mix you liked for future appointments! As a December baby, I’ve not got long to wait until my free treatment! Plus, being in Boots, you still get advantage card points.

IMG_1653After visiting the brow bar, without any brow make up

So, I have absolutely no complaints about my visit to the Benefit Brow Bar! Do you get your brows done? Have you tried the Benefit browbar?


14 responses to “Benefit Brow Bar Review

  1. I nominated you for The ‘Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person’ Award, check it out here <3


  2. I always go to the Benefit Brow Bar. I may pluck them a bit for a while if I’m too busy to go but it’s so worth it, they’re amazing! I only had a bad experience once but I simply learnt not to book with that lady and everything has been amazing since. Loved your review!

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty


  3. Great post lovely. I’m so glad you liked it! I think your brows look great. :) xx


  4. Yeah your brows look great! I get mine waxed and tinted too and now cannot live without doing so haha xx


  5. Brows look great! I need an appointment when I go home in a few weeks!


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