Clothing Haul! Ft. River Island, Missguided, Black Milk Clothing, H&M and New Look

So I went shopping again – my bad! I’m all shopped out for the month now, but I picked up some essentials and much wanted items to give my wardrobe a mini freshen up ready for the Autumn. Here’s what I picked up:

River Island

Black Contrast Panel Ankle Boots – £60

I am so glad I picked up these boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of chelsea boots for over a year and have recently realised I have no pretty shoes, I either have trainers, biker boots or spiked dollies, so it’s nice to have these as a more feminine smart option. They’re made from real leather and I love the contrasting panel. These are fairly wide, which is great cause I have wide feet and I know these will last me for ages as my biker boots are also from River Island and are still going strong almost a year later despite constant wear.



Missguided Mima Black Chiffon Kimono – £14.99

You might recognise this from my August Wishlist. This kimono is so much more beautiful in person. I got it a few weeks ago, but wanted to show it in this haul as it’s such a good staple. It hangs really nicely on and goes with absolutely everything. I really like the folded cuffs and big square sleeves, it’s just so unlike anything else I own and such a steal at that price!

Black Milk Clothing


Tartan Red Skater Skirt – £28 approx.

It is no secret that I adore Black Milk. I think they’re amazing and this was an absolute must-have piece of theirs. I put this on my July Wishlist and am so pleased to own it at last! Again, I don’t think my photo of it on a hanger does it justice. I have a better one on instagram, but you can’t see the full skirt. When I shows it to my mum she gasped and asked if they did a longer version because she wanted one! It’s just gorgeous, flattering and tartan is always a great print for Autumn. I really like that the skirt is slightly longer at the back, so it doesn’t get too hitched up over your bum! My one complaint is that the waist isn’t elasticated (although the skirt is made of nylon so stretchy anyway), so I originally bought a M thinking it would stretch as I was half-way between the sizing chart, but the L actually fits me perfectly. If it had elastic I think the M would have been fine.



Black Crop Jumper with Crochet Trim – £7.99

I bought this in store today to go with my high waisted skater skirts, but can’t find it on the website. H&M never seem to have the same stock in store and online, which is a shame. I really like the detailing on the hem of this, I think it just makes it a little bit special and at £7.99 I just had to have it. It’s really comfy and I don’t own any black cropped jumpers so this has filled that little void in my closet. It’s not thick, but is perfect for layering over a vest top.

New Look


Black Zip Back Vest – £7.99

This might look like a bit of a boring item, but I do think New Look are great for staple pieces like this. The cut is really nice, as it doesn’t cling and looks really nice over a pair of jeans or leggings. The fabric is sheer as you can see in the picture, but not too much. I really like the zip detailing on the back of this. Definitely an every day piece I will get a lot of wear out of.

That’s everything I’ve picked up recently, apart from some socks, but I figured nobody cares about that! Haha, see anything you like? What have you been buying? Let me know!

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37 responses to “Clothing Haul! Ft. River Island, Missguided, Black Milk Clothing, H&M and New Look

  1. Love those boots!! <3


    • Me too! They’ll go with everything! Can’t wait to start wearing them :) x


      • I really want something like this with a bit of a heal this year. I love winter boots! x


      • Black leather boots are my obsession! I have a pair of Doc Martens, biker boots, cowboy boots and suede heeled boots and now these chelsea boots! You got your eye on any in particular?x


      • I really need a pair of biker boots in my life. I used to have some gorgeous ones but I wore them to their death. I’ve seen a few nice ones in New Look that are a really decent price. Like between £25-40ish. Never thought to look at River Island so i’ll definitely check that out in time for pay day at the end of the month! x


      • Biker boots are awesome and insanely comfy! River Island is more expensive than New Look, but I do think their leather boots are really good quality! I only buy leather ones, I think they’re worth the extra £20 for much longer life, plus they stretch better for my wide feet! Hopefully you’ll find your perfect pair :) x


      • Yes definitely I know what you mean. I have wide feet too so I feel your pain! haha, thats why I like New Look as well, they have a lot of nice stuff in their ‘wider fit’ selection. Some nice chelsea boots too! :P
        Thanks! <3 x


      • I really love Topshop’s shoes, but I tried a couple of pairs of boots on in there today and found them all too narrow – my feet hurt after 5 mins :( I think its great that New Look have a wider fit section. More places need to start doing that (hint hint Topshop!) :p x


      • Haha yes definitely. Boots are one of those things worth investing in. I did last year and that pair are still good to wear this year as well. x


      • Haha, but you’ll still get another pair to add to the collection this year! I know I always do! Haven’t even got my Docs 100% broken in x) x


      • Yes exactly! (; haha.
        I usually live in my Converse but they’re not suitable for a British winter! x


      • I live in my boots unless it’s too hot for them – so most of the year! Haha, but my biker boots are definitely my favourite x


      • Hahah yes true! My wish list is just getting too long for my budget :P x


  2. Lovin the kimono


  3. Cute outfits and boots! I love Black Milk! :)) I esp like their dresses but can’t for the life of me talk myself into buying them lol. I just swoon over them. I will splurge one day.


  4. Could you tell me the product code of these boots please?


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