August Favourites

So as you’re reading this, it is not August anymore, but hey I’m only a day late and I am close to being back up to date with the blog, thanks to a morning spent writing, scheduling and drafting. As I’m writing this it’s still August so let’s just pretend for a minute shall we?

There’s been a few products I have been reaching for repeatedly this month I want to share with you. Some of them you will have seen on the blog before, but they really are great products!

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

First up is this amazing hand cream, which I know I have mentioned twice already in the last week but it really is fantastic! When you can go months without using any hand cream and then find yourself reaching for it daily, you know it’s good! This is only avaliable online and at the moment I can only find the mini version of the Mango and Mandarin (20ml – £3.95) scent I have, but they do larger ones in other fragrances. I have my eye on this Cherry Blossom one (80ml – £6.95) for future as it’s better value. But I do think the mini is the perfect handbag size.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

I got this using the points on my advantage card and it’s a pretty popular products so it can be hard to find simply because its sold out! This top coat is £5.99 and is not only quick drying but also chip resistant and if that wasn’t enough, it also gives a beautiful shine which lasts for days. I love that it dries so quickly, as it’s stopped me from smudging my nails! I think this is a must-have and when mine eventually runs out I’ll definitely be repurchasing this.

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream

I have recently been making an effort to take better care of my skin, as you probably noticed from the massive amount of skin care products I have been purchasing lately. This is actually a rediscovery for me, as I’ve had this pot for almost a year but keep forgetting to use it. The past couple of weeks I have been making an effort to apply this every day as it leaves my skin feeling really soft and it contains SPF 30, which will help protect my skin from ageing and also stop some of my freckles! I am almost out of this, but I think I will still get another couple of weeks use out of this as a little goes a long way. I don’t think I will be repurchasing this cream, as it’s really expensive (£22.50 for 50ml) and I bought it soley for the high SPF and I have now found a cheaper alternative which I want to try. Yes, I’m talking about The Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser (£13 for 50ml). I’ll get my hands on it soon, I’m going to make it my mission!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

And finally, another product I’m sure you’re not surprised to see me talking about. Again. I repeat myself a lot don’t I? Well, I am not sorry, because this really is a fantastic product and I only wish I had discovered it sooner. I have been using this twice a day since I got it about a month ago and I’m not half way through the bottle yet. Considering it’s RRP is £4.99 and it’s a 400ml bottle, you can’t complain, but it’s often on offer anyway so if you see it reduced and haven’t tried it yet, then you should definitely pick it up! I wrote a full review of this here. I recently got the Botanic Micellar Water to do a comparison, so keep an eye out for that!

That’s it for this month’s favourites! Hopefully I haven’t bored you too much with my repeated mention of these incredible products this month, but I really do love them! I will definitely be repurchasing all of these in the future, with the exception of the moisturiser. Have you tried any of these? Do you love them as much as me? Let me know!


12 responses to “August Favourites

  1. I love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat! I dedicated a whole post to it because I can’t imagine living without it anymore. I hope the Garnier Micellar Water will be availavle here soon, I’ve been checking the drugstores for that one.


    • I decided to get it after reading a blog review about it but I can’t remember who posted it – might have been yours! But it’s great and so is the Garnier micellar water so hopefully you can get hold of it soon! :) x


  2. I’ve been meaning to try out the Micellar Water and your review has made me want it even more now. I will definitely be making a trip to Boots this week :-) Thanks for sharing x


  3. I wish we could get that Garnier cleansing water here in the US, ah oh well! Great round up of products!


  4. The Micellar water is fantastic. Really cleanses the skin well.


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