August Glossybox Review


I feel like this post is long over due, but with starting a new job and being ill for most of the month it has managed to escape being written. Sorry about that, but here is my more in depth review of my August Glossybox. Better late than never!

First things first, in the First Impressions post I said that I had worked the value of my box out to be less than the promised £33. On the advice of some other bloggers and Glossybox subscribers, I contacted their customer services and asked about it. In short, they explained that because some of the products are sample size, they do not work out to be the same value for money as a full sized product. As I got 3 sample sized products, this means that each has to be worth about £1 more than I worked out. Hmm…

But moving on, the products:

Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere

In the previous post, I was really relieved to see that this was quite pale so I’d actually be able to use it, and use it I have not. I got my Glossybox 12 days ago and have even read up online on what to do with a highlighter as I’ve never used one and still am not convinced that this is a product I need in my life. Or on my face. Great if you want to contour I guess, but I haven’t got an interest in contouring, I just can’t be bothered to spend so long making myself look not like me. However, the shimmer in this is great so maybe I’ll start using this as an eyeshadow instead.

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love this hand cream. I’m not really one for hand cream, as I tend to always being doing something with my hands (even if it is just absent-mindedly scrolling on my phone) and I don’t like the sticky feeling waiting for a moisturiser to soak into them. With this though, that’s not really a problem as it absorbs so quickly! And it really does leave my skin feeling soft and smooth for hours afterwards. Plus it smells pretty. And the packaging is awesome. Yup, really in love with this at the moment and I’ve been using it daily, so I’ve made a significant dent in the tube. It’s highly likely that I will end up purchasing another of these hand creams in the future as a full sized 80ml tub is only £6.95.


Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish

I really like this nail polish. I think the colour is really cute, wearable and it compliments my skin tone nicely. It’s feminine yet sophisticated, despite being a baby pink and the duskiness of it is just beautiful. My only complaint is that because it is a mini varnish (although its sold as a mini so technically full sized) the brush handle is tiny and I have fat fingers, so I found it difficult to paint my left hand as I struggled to grip it with my non-dominant hand. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll be repurchasing this in the future, as it is £3.60 for a mini polish. Not bad when compared with the prices of companies such as Essie, but I will no doubt be looking out for a dupe of this in the future before deciding.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This is surprisingly another product which I haven’t gotten round to trying. But I have my reasons. I have been testing out another hair mask this month which claims to reduce split ends, so I had to keep using it long term and didn’t want to add another new product into the mix confusing my opinion of it. I do really want to try this out as I am obsessed with my own hair (so sad, I know) and I will eventually get round to testing it. Then I will decide about repurchasing it, but based on the price alone, my initial thought is that I probably won’t unless it is absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. Let’s face it, at £38 it would have to be!

Lalique L’Amour Perfume

When I first got this, all I could smell was the rose top notes and none of the underlying musk. At the time though I was suffering from sinusitis which essentially meant my sinuses were incredibly swollen and blocked up and I don’t think I could smell properly, so I gave this another go. I can now smell more of the musk, but it still makes me feel granny-ish and it makes me want to sneeze. Definitely won’t be purchasing this.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty

I’m not normally much of a lipstick wearer, I find it quite harsh on me, but I have found myself happily reaching for this on a few occasions. It’s like a deeper version of my natural lips, not too deep to be really obvious but deep enough to show it’s lipstick. Plus its really moisturising. I seem to have only ever put this on when going to work and not being able to check my reflection for hours, so I’m not 100% on how long this lasts, but I can feel it nourishing my lips for a couple of hours so that’s a pretty good sign. Especially when you consider that it’s a £2.29 lippy. Would I repurchase? Probably, although it’ll take me ages to use this up. But I am really interested in checking out more products from them as I’ve seen loads of great reviews of several of their products and they’ve recently started being stocked in Wilkos here in the UK, making it quite widely available.

That’s everything that came in the box. All in all, a pretty good box, although a bit of a mixed bag. I don’t think you can except to ever receive the perfect box though, as it is put together by people who don’t know you personally. I think I sound harsh against Glossybox in these reviews, but I do genuinely look forward to getting them and I absolutely love the concept. If, like me, you’re interested in beauty products (especially make up), but maybe don’t know loads about it or want to discover new brands and products then this is a great way to go. It’s £10 a month plus P+P (or less if you do one of their bundle deals) and you get a surprise delivered to your door every month.

If you are interested in signing up, then I would be grateful if you used my referral link below. This does give me points towards their rewards scheme.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I feel really behind on my posts. I actually have 8 post titles jotted down that I want to do, so I’m considering doing a full week of posts for the first time to help me feel back on track. What do you think? Good idea?


10 responses to “August Glossybox Review

  1. Ewwe I hate granny-type perfumes! That is why I avoid Chanel no.5 even though it’s so popular (don’t know why)

    I’m thinking about getting Birchbox (when I finally get paid – next week!!) are you subscribed to those Rachael? Just asking to see if there’s a rewards scheme with them I could help you out with!


    • Haha me too! I prefer musky scents too so a lot of the most popular fragrances don’t do it for me. One of my favs is actually unisex, but it’s muskier to appeal to men too!
      No I don’t have a Birchbox subscription but thanks for thinking of me :)
      I’ve heard they’re really good & I know that Claire from Claire’s beauty blog has one :) x


  2. I just tried the nail varnish today! It’s a beautiful colour but it took forever to paint my nails!!! x


  3. Hi! I don’t do any such boxes primarily because I know more than half the stuff will be not something I want or need, no matter how many survey I take. Plus spending that fixed amount a month a kinda hard to shell out for products I may it may not like … Great and honest review .. ! Good luck


    • I have seen some bloggers who have cancelled their subscriptions instead spend the £10 on a few products they know they want and do a series about that instead, however I do think these are a fun way of getting to try some different stuff out for less than RRP so yes there’s probably going to be something you don’t like but you’re not paying near full price for it. But I’m also thinking of moving from Glossybox to another subscription box to see if there’s one better suited to me.
      Glad you liked the post! :) x


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