Beauty Haul! Ft. Fragrance Direct, The Body Shop & Boots

Yesterday was my first pay day in almost a year and a half! I might only be working part time, but seeing some money actually going into my bank account was incredibly exciting (and a rarity since finishing uni) so I decided to go do some shopping. I’ve split this into sections so you can see what I got from each shop.

Fragrance Direct


Fragrance Direct is an online shop, which sells a wide range of beauty products at discounted rates. Over the weekend, they had a free shipping offer which I took advantage of. Standard shipping is meant to take 5-7 working days and I got mine in 4. Very impressed! And everything was well packaged too, so it’s definitely worth checking them out. Here’s what I got:

  1. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 75ml – RRP £14 Paid £4.99
  2. Revlon 24 Hours Gentle Cleansing Milk 400ml – RRP £9.99 Paid £4.99
  3. Revlon 24 Hours Gentle Toner 400ml – RRP £9.99 Paid £4.99
  4. Pretty Face Seaweed Mud Mask 198ml – RRP £2.99 Paid 99p
  5. NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm 3.5g in Applelicious Pink – RRP £2.49 Paid 50p
  6. NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm 3.5g in Big Red Apple – RRP £2.49 Paid 50p
  7. Ciate Paint Pots Nail Polish 13.5ml in Showgirl – RRP £9 Paid £1.99
  8. Ciate Paint Pots Nail Polish 13.5ml in Fly With Me – RRP £9 Paid £1.99

I’m seriously excited by this haul. I’ve never tried any of the products before and I think you’ll agree there’s some really good discounts on some of the items too. I think I’m most excited to try out the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, as I’ve been lusting after The Body Shop’s whole Vitamin C range. (I’ve also got my eye on the moisturiser but its sold out everywhere!) Also really looking forward to trying the nail varnishes, which do look different in person (both are unexpectedly glittery and Showgirl is pink not purple as it looks on the site swatch), and the NYC lip balms.

The Body Shop


I said I’ve been lusting over The Body Shop recently didn’t I? Well today they actually had an incredibly good offer for card holders – 30% off in store AND a gift bag too! I went with my mum and got another item for her to boost my spending up to the minimum £20 after discount to get the free gifts. Here’s what I purchased:

  1. Rainforest Radiance Shampoo 250ml – £4.50
  2. Rainforest Radiance Conditioner 250ml – £4.50
  3. All-In-One BB Cream 25ml in 01 – £12
  4. Strawberry Lip Butter 10ml – £4

Yes, I already have one of the lip butters, but I love it and I needed to spend a little more, so decided to stock up. I’ve been wanting the BB Cream for ages and I tried some in store and it was so soft and such a good colour match. I’m looking forward to giving that a go. I also got the shampoo and conditioner as they are sulfate free and I’ve been reading a lot about how sulfates strip out hair dye recently – not good for red hair dye which is notoriously difficult to maintain anyway! I know changing to sulfate free can take a few weeks of adjustment, so I’ve decided not to dye my hair today as planned, but damn these smell good! Hopefully this will be better for my hair in the long run, which will make it worth being a grease ball for a week or two.


As I said, I got a gift bag with freebies and boy oh boy what a gift bag! This wasn’t the gift bag advertised, as the store had run out of the products, but they put together this one for us instead and I have to say I much prefer these items to the ones I was supposed to get! And these have a value of £31, instead of £26 which the other items were meant to be. Score!

  1. Mini Brush Kit – £13.50
  2. Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist 100ml – £7.50
  3. Strawberry Body Polish 200ml – £10

The body polish is one of my all time favourite Body Shop products and it’s the big bottle too, so I’m really pleased to have another as I currently don’t have any. The fragrance mist is a fairly new scent which I hadn’t tried before, but I love it! It’s musky, but pretty and floral all at the same time. Definitely going to get good use out of that and as for the brush kit, no way that won’t come in handy so all in all a great shop!



And finally, I popped into Boots to get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar (review coming soon!) and to pick up a few essentials. I’m almost out of dry shampoo so I got the Aussie one to try out as it was on offer and also got some disposable shower caps for when I dye my hair, but I didn’t bother to photograph them!

  1. Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo 180ml in Colour Mate – RRP £4.99 Paid £3.33

I love the Aussie brand! If they’d had a sulfate free shampoo I probably would have got that over The Body Shop stuff, but sadly they haven’t jumped on that band wagon. However, this dry shampoo is quite well reviewed so time to see if it shapes up to my go-to Batiste!

That’s everything I got on my beauty haul! Lots and lots of toiletries and skin care, with a few make up items thrown in. I am very pleased with my purchases and can’t wait to try them all out! Have you got any of the things I bought? What do you think of them? Let me know!


7 responses to “Beauty Haul! Ft. Fragrance Direct, The Body Shop & Boots

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