August Glossybox First Impressions


This month is Glossybox’s third birthday! To celebrate, they offered six items to everyone, promising a minimum box value of £33.

My box came yesterday, much quicker than expected having been dispatched on Friday, but as I had already written a post I decided to have this one go up today instead.



As always, I am very impressed with the packaging on these boxes. I love the attention to detail done with them, right down to the special sticker for their third birthday. This is only my second Glossybox, so my first pink box and I think it’s really sophisticated. I didn’t receive the Glossybox magazine again this month, have they stopped doing it? I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s what I got:


Inside were these six items and I have to admit I was initially quite disappointed that everything seemed so small. However, the brands are all new to me, which is what I signed up to Glossybox for.

Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter in Cashmere

Okay so at first I thought this was a Glossybox exclusive shade, but it’s not. You can get it on the Kryolan website. I guess this is unique in that it has the Glossybox logo on the top of the pot, otherwise it looks exactly the same as the one on the website. This is a lightweight cream with a gloss finish which can be used on your cheekbones, lips, etc. I thought this would be too dark for me, but when I dabbed it on to my face it is actually much paler than it initially seems. Yay! It also feels really nice. This is a full sized tub worth £12.95, so we’re off to a great start value-wise for the box. I’ve got a picture of the colour below, but forgot to take it before I stuck my finger in it!

Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream

As described, this isn’t a full sized product. It’s a 20ml tub, which when I worked out the price based on the cost of a full sized (80ml – £6.95) this is only worth about £1.74. Its a really good size for a sample, but at that price I can’t help but wish for a slightly bigger one. However, this will fit easily into any hand bag. I got the Mango and Mandarin scent, which I like. I also really like the packaging. A little goes a long way with this and it absorbed quite quickly so this tube should last a while.

Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish

Confusingly, this teenie tiny nail varnish is actually a full sized product. Its a 3ml bottle priced at £3.60. It’s part of a nude varnish range and mine is shade no. 14 Rose. I think the colour is quite cute, so I look forward to trying it out. The booklet in the box says this is the birthday bonus item.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Another sample size product, this is the product which was advertised as coming with every box. It’s a pre-shampoo treatment, which boasts it was developed for Audrey Hepburn. It’s suitable for all hair types and is meant to make hair more mangeable, bouncy, shiny and elasticated without weighing down or coating the hair. This is a 40ml bottle worth £6.08 and a full sized 250ml will set you back a whopping £38.

Lalique L’Amour Perfume

This is a 2ml sample. It’s described as having top notes of rosebuds with fresh bergamot, white floral heart notes and a musk base note. I tried a dab on my wrists and the rose is a very strong scent and there is little of the musk base coming through, which is disappointing as I like musky scents. I don’t dislike this, but at the same time I feel like its a bit much and not really one for young people. (That’s my polite way of saying it made me feel a bit granny-ish!) At £67 for a 50ml bottle, I know I won’t be buying this.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty

This is the last of the products from my box. It’s a full sized product, priced at £2.29. Natural Beauty is a mauve pink, but its not too much darker than my natural lip colour so I can actually wear this lipstick! These claim to provide your lips with intensive colour for several hours without drying them out. I have only just put it on, but I have to say it does feel very moisturising and creamy. It’s applied evenly and hasn’t got caught up in any creases or clung to dry skin so that’s always a plus. These lipsticks come in a variety of shades too.


So that’s all the products I got this month. All in all I have to say I am happy with this box, despite my initial disappointment at the product sizes. I will use all of the products, although I think the perfume will only get a second try once the sinusitis I have been suffering from the last few weeks has gone, as I might then be able to smell it properly!

Did I get the promised £33 of products? Well, if I worked it out properly, my box is worth £29.33. So although worth more than what I paid by over double, it’s not the value promised, which is slightly disappointing. But if they hadn’t made that promise I wouldn’t be, so I still plan on getting more Glossyboxes.

What about you, do you get a Glossybox? What do you think of them? Any products in my box you would like to try? Let me know!

If you don’t currently receive a Glossybox but are interested in signing up, then I would be grateful if you used my referral link below. This does give me points towards their rewards scheme.





12 responses to “August Glossybox First Impressions

  1. Pretty lipstick :) I like the nail polish,too. Sorry you Wernt able to get the promised value out of it. That sucks in a way :/ Hopefully next months box is better for you.


    • Aw thanks, I’ve got the nail polish on ATM and the colour is lovely. Hopefully they won’t make any promises they can’t keep next month! Otherwise though I am very happy with the two boxes I’ve had from them :) x


  2. I got a post office slip through my door yesterday and i cant go pick mine up until tomorrow evening… I was trying so hard to be good and not peek but i gave in :)

    Great post!


  3. I can vouch for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – I’ve tried it before and it’s quite good. (Plus expensive to buy full size so it’s gotta be good really!)

    Is the Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish anything to do with Yves Saint Laurent? :/


    • I’m looking forward to trying it out the elasticizer but I’m currently trialling a hair mask out.

      I think Yves Rocher is a separate brand they own? Not too sure but the Polish is good x


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