Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review


As the name says, this is a cleansing water. I’m sure all of you have seen the hype around micellar waters over the past few months, which all started when Bioderma became more easily available here in the UK. Since then, other brands have been coming out with their own versions and I got curious so decided to give one a try.

My skin has really been playing me up over the last month, with an absolutely ridiculous amount of blackheads appearing along with break out after break out. Not knowing what was causing my terrible skin, I wanted a new product to try and keep it under control. I picked out the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water simply because it was on offer. Yup, I’m a sucker for a bargain! I got mine for about £3.50 on Boots, down from it’s RRP of £4.99. I can’t remember the exact price as I’ve had this for 2-3 weeks now. From the picture you can see that I’ve used this quite a lot. And I love it!

I’ve been using this twice a day (morning and night) since I got it and I really like how it makes my skin feel. I apply the cleanser to a cotton pad and then wipe my face. If I’m wearing make up, I use a second pad to ensure it’s all properly removed. My make up comes off really easily, the cleansing is refreshing around the eyes and leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.

I have tested to see if it does actually make my skin cleaner than my old face wipes by continuing to use my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Clarifying Lotion after taking off my make up and I have to say I am shocked at how much less dirt comes out my pores after using the Micellar Water than my old go-to face wipes. I personally don’t have any water proof make up to test this on, but I’ve heard it’s great for removing that too. I have, however, used it on hair dye stains and sharpie which got on my skin and it took both of those off well too.

I’ve mentioned before that I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it at all. So if you’re concerned about that, then there’s no need to worry! But for me, the absolute best thing about this product is that my skin has noticeably improved. A lot. (Expect to see this on my Aug Favs just for this!)

Overall, I do not have a bad thing to say about this product. It’s affordable, easy to use and effective. It feels nice, leaves my skin really clean and has improved my skin’s condition. Would I repurchase this? Most definitely, but I am tempted to try it’s big sister Bioderma to see if that can be even better.

Have you tried any Micellar Waters? What did you think?


29 responses to “Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

  1. I have the l’oreal one at the minute but it’s almost finished, so I think I’ll try this one next. Heard such good things about it.


    • Is the l’oreal much more money?x


      • No! It’s really reasonable, I think it’s around the £5 mark but it’s on offer a lot. I got it from Superdrug for like, £3-ish. I believe It’s at Boots for £3.33 at the minute if you’re interested in comparing! xx


      • Ah that’s not bad at all! The Bioderma one seems to cost a lot more than the newer ones and I’m really curious as to whether it’s worth the extra money. It’s yet another brand I think one of the UK department stores needs to start stocking! x


      • Yeah I know what you mean. I’m really fickle as well with stuff like this so unless I can really afford it I never go for the more expensive ones when I know the cheaper ones do the job! haha. xx


      • I completely agree! Might as well keep the money to use on things that are worth the extra x


      • exactly! xx


  2. Oh I have just seen the L’Oreal cleansing water is only 200ml, as opposed to the 400ml. The Garnier seems better value for money! :P xx


  3. I love the Garnier Micellar water. I have been using it since February, and my bottle is still going strong. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has not tried it.


  4. Hello! I appreciate your posts very much and that’s why I tagged you in my Drugstore Favs post to participate in the tag. I would love to hear what your favorite and least favorite products are! Can’t wait to hear from you!


  5. This product seems amazing, can’t wait till it’s available in South Africa, particularly as I also have sensitive skin.
    Thank you for the aweso
    me post.
    Please if you have a chance check out my blog:


  6. Ah that’s awesome, thank you. I’m already on eBay looking for the cleansing water. I have no patience!


    • Haha I don’t blame you! I do that too, especially with hair products. I buy things that are meant to be for professional use or aren’t available in the UK x) x


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