Neutral Protein Filler Review

If you read my previous hair post, then you’ll know that I have been struggling to get colour to stick to my hair. Researching online, I found a lot of posts which recommended hair protein fillers.

Protein fillers are very widely available and quite cheap in the US but unfortunately are difficult to get hold of and a lot more expensive here in the UK. I don’t know why, but it might be something to do with EU regulations. After a lot of consideration, I bought a bottle of Colorful Neutral Protein Filler 16oz off amazon for £24.50.


This protein filler makes the following claims:
Insures marvelous color results
Equalises hair porosity for even color absorption and development
Repairs previously damaged protein bonds
Protects against new chemical damage
Seals color within the cortex
Adds body, volume and a lustrous sheen

After having a good hair cut to remove my split ends and the worst of my damaged hair, I needed to redye my hair. Following the instructions on the bottle, I wet my hair and measured out 2oz of the product into a spray bottle. I then sectioned and sprayed my hair, brushing thoroughly. I only used about 1.5oz of the product in the end, as it said I could use 1-2oz ad my hair was well and truly covered by this point. I left it to sit for 20mins, before applying my hair dye as usual. Oh and the protein filler smells. It’s got a wheaty kinda smell that’s not overwhelming but isn’t pleasant.

When I then rinsed and shampooed in the shower I could feel my hair was really dry, which I was expecting from reviews online. I used Aussie 3 minute miracle and rinsed, then applied my aargan oil to get my hair nice and soft again.

When I dried my hair, I was really impressed at how the colour had turned out. Having use the same dye before, I had never gotten such an even result or for the dye to come out as red as it did, it’s usually pinker. I’ve now washed my hair a few times and although I’ve had some colour fade, it’s not been as bad as before.


The freshly dyed colour result

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Colorful Neutral Protein Filler. I am definitely going to keep using this when I dye my hair to see if it will improve my hair condition any more. Is it good value for money? Considering you get at least 8 uses out of one bottle, it’s not as expensive as it initially seems and needing to dye my hair less will work out cheaper in the long run, so I’d say yes. Would I repurchase it? Probably. I’m hoping that when I run out, my hair will be in good condition, but if it ever gets this bad again I’d seriously consider it.

Edit: Read my 6 month review for thoughts on using this long term

5 responses to “Neutral Protein Filler Review

  1. OMG I swear by this stuff!! I used to have white hair and bleached it probably every 2 weeks and I think this is the only reason im not bald now. lol


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