Jewellery Lust List

Jewellery Lust List

I don’t know about you, but I have been utterly fixated by jewellery lately. I don’t know whether it’s because I haven’t had anything new in a while (other than my graduation gift) or because my favourite necklace broke. I think it’s more the second, as I’m currently waiting for a new watch strap to arrive so at the moment I’m jewellery-free (apart from my ears and nose) and feel a bit naked without anything! So I thought I’d put together this little photoset to show you what I’ve been repeatedly lusting over recently.

  1. Bloody Mary Metal Lovehunter’s Arrow Necklace – £75
  2. Shop Dixi The Mystic One Fiery Labradorite Ring – £16
  3. Noctua Purapura Flourite Pendant – £7
  4. Bloody Mary Metal Crossbones Ring – £35
  5. Jewellery Box Adjustable Bracelet with Large Infinity Charm -£12.50
  6. Black Sheep Boutique Anatomical Heart Necklace – £10

As you can tell, I’m really into the witchy and bohemian themed jewellery that a lot of places are offering at the moment. I think it really fits with my personal style. A favourite is definitely the Noctua necklace and with only £1 UK postage, I can’t see myself resisting that much longer. I’m still obsessed with Bloody Mary Metal, who create handmade pieces here in the UK. They’ve recently launched a new website and collection, which the necklace is from. All of my immediate family have done archery as a hobby at some point, including myself, so this arrow pendant has extra lust-factor to me because of that. I can safely say that something BMM will definitely be mine one day…

Hope you liked my selection! Are there any jewellery brands or pieces you’re currently lusting after at the moment? Let me know! I’d love to see what you’re after!



13 responses to “Jewellery Lust List

  1. pretty drastic moves

    oh my god I want that heart necklace! :)


  2. I love the crossbones ring! My 18th Birthday present was a pendant from Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart collection and 3 years later I have not stopped wearing it. x


    • I’m so obsessed with the stuff from Bloody Mary Metal! I know I’d wear that ring so much! I’ve got quite a few Thomas Sabo bits too – I’m such a sucker for silver jewellery x


      • Kayos Beauty

        Same, I much prefer silver to gold! I think it looks more elegant. I’ve never heard of Bloody Mary Metal before but I’m definitely gonna check it out now!! x


      • So with you about the elegance thing! Also I think my inner magpie just likes that it’s shinier x)
        I’m glad I got to introduce you to something new! x


  3. Have you looked up ? Similar sort of style and made in the uk! Xx


  4. I’m dying for a pendant like that! I want one with a black string though :) x


  5. I’ve nominated you for The Beauty Blogger Of The Month! Here’s my post about the blog
    Also check out Cecilias post to check out the rules and to be in with a chance to win Benefits They’re Real Push Up Liner!


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