MAC Prep + Prime Review


I recently received a sample of Mac’s Prep + Prime face primer through a promotion they were running on their facebook page. This is the first time I’ve used a primer and I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed.

I started by cleansing my skin, rubbing this in then applied my make up as usual. After just a couple of hours I noticed that my make up was splitting quite badly. I had patches where my foundation and powder appeared to have clumped together and other patches where they seemed to have disappeared off my face entirely. I was really surprised by this, as I thought such a high end product which claims to help make up last longer would not do this.

That same day, Twolittleowls posted a review of this same sample, which they loved. Following their advice, the next day I tried it again, this time waiting five minutes between applying the primer and starting on my foundation. I definitely noticed a difference in the feel of the primer having given it chance to settle. It felt more powdery and smooth than when freshly applied.

However, after a couple of hours the same thing happened – though not quite as badly. I don’t know why this primer just isn’t working for me. Maybe it just doesn’t work with the foundation I have? But I don’t see why this would be the case.

Mac retail this product at £21 for 30ml. A bottle that size would last a long time so it’s good value for money if it agrees with you and your make up. But for me, this product is a total miss and has put me off trying other primers. I don’t see the point in paying out so much for an extra product that doesn’t seem to work.

Have you tried this product? Did it work for you? Any tips on how to make this work for me? Let me know!


19 responses to “MAC Prep + Prime Review

  1. Ill know not to be buying this! I would’ve thought it cos it’s Mac it would be good as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    • I thought the same! Even the reviews on their website are either love or hate. I think it’s one you’d need to try a sample of to see if you get on with it! x


  2. With primer I know you have to stroke it on, kind off, not rub it in like you would with a moisturiser.
    Saying that, I still don’t think that would cause a primer to do what this mac one is doing to you! How odd.
    I got a cheapie Rimmel London primer which does the job, maybe try that one instead :) x


    • Yeah there’s something about it which just isn’t right. Maybe it’s to do with my skin type? I don’t have overly oily skin though and it split in places where I don’t get oily.
      I’ll have to have a look at it, but right now I’m reluctant to go get a primer! x


      • Haha yeah I can understand that! I heard smashbox are the best primers, just in case you change your mind in the future! ;) x


      • Well I currently have a Smashbox foundation so I’d expect their primer would work really well with it! x


      • Oh cool, have you got a review of that on your blog? I’d love to read it! X


      • No I haven’t actually! I’ve had it for such a long time I never thought to review it! It is good though and lasts a long time – I’m still using the same bottle I got in Feb and I’ve got a fair bit left! Might have to do a proper review! x


      • Haha that’s okay I’m the same – only realised yesterday I haven’t reviewed my foundations either and I’ve had them a year!


      • It’s so easy to forget the stuff you use every day and just write about what’s new! I did a brief post about my current make up a while back, but I didn’t write any opinions on what I had. I only started my blog in May so just didn’t cross my mind to write about my foundation! x


      • That’s so true! I’m trying to go back through my “old” stuff now to try and save me from buying new stuff haha x


      • Until recently I was doing the same! Still got a few bits kicking about I need to use up, but I got to the stage where I needed to get a new one of pretty much everything! I have definitely bought too much make up in the last couple of months! Oops! Haha x


      • Haha story of my life!! X


  3. That’s a shame! I’ve been through at least 4 of the full size of these! Perhaps try just applying it to areas where your foundation tends to wear off first. I only apply it down the centre of my face because that’s where I get oily and my foundation slips.


  4. Prep + prime really is awful- and I agree with the comment above about Smashbox Photo Finish- I use the weird green one for redness and it is fantastic….btw I like your blog! :)


    • The Smashbox one does seem to be popular! At the moment I’m much more tempted to get something like Benefits Big Easy that takes a step out of my make up routine instead of adding one!
      I’m glad you like my blog, thanks for following :D x


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