July Glossybox First Impressions

Today I received my July Glossybox through the post! This is my first ever beauty box subscription and I was really excited for this to arrive, checking the tracking details a couple of times a day! This month’s box was American themed and I have to admit that photos of the packaging on the site definitely influenced me going ahead and finally ordering one of these boxes! The designer in me just couldn’t resist the beautiful packaging, as much as I wanted to expand my knowledge of beauty products.

So here’s my box:



If you’re familiar with Glossybox, or have read some of their more recent reviews then you’ll know that they’ve had a lot of criticism over their last few boxes about people getting hugely different boxes with some serious price differences between them too. However, with this month’s box they seem to be trying to address that by keeping the boxes as similar as they can. So if you’ve been reading many reviews about this month’s box then I’m sure you’ve seen all these items before, as I had before I ordered. I was therefore not surprised, but still very pleased with the contents of my box.

What did I get?

Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Mandarina

This is a full sized product, worth £20, so I’ve got value for money with just this one product apart from the fact that it’s orange. Like many people who seem to have been sent this, I am fair skinned so clearly this isn’t going to suit me, before you even take into account that I am both a natural and unnatural redhead. Orange just isn’t my colour. Never has been and never will be, especially one this bright. I tried it on for a laugh though and it does feel nice one, but I won’t be wearing it again. Definitely going to have to try and find someone to gift this to. Enjoy this silly selfie of me looking unimpressed at its orangeness.


Absolute Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer

Another full size product, this one’s worth $4.99 which is about £2.90. I’m quite excited to try this product, as I’ve never used a primer before and commented on my NYX Eyeshadow Palette Review that I’d like to try them with a primer to see if it would help stop creasing. Could this have come at a better time?! It also says that it can be used around the eyes alone to neutralise redness.

Carmex Lip Balm

A brand I’m sure we’re all familiar with here in the UK already, but none the less a great little product that I haven’t actually used in years. I use lip balms all the time so I’m quite happy to receive this. This is a full sized tube worth £2.69.

Color Club Nail Varnish in Glossy Seal

This nail varnish colour has been specially made for Glossybox and isn’t available anywhere else, which is a nice touch. I really like the look of it and am looking forward to trying it out. This is a full sized 15ml bottle, which will last me a long time. Its priced at $8 which is about £4.70.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

This is a sample sized product, a full sized one retails for £19.50 which is quite a lot for me. This claims to lengthen, curl, volumise and condition your lashes for healthier, longer lashes. Big claims to make, so I’m curious to try it out and see if I really can notice any difference.

So that’s everything I got in my box! As I said above, I am pleased with the contents of this box, but it is a shame that the lipstick is such an unwearable shade. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually wears orange lipstick, so maybe they were just trying to get people out of their comfort-zone with that one? In any case, it’s not for me. However, I am looking forward to using the rest of the products and plan on keeping up my subscription for next month.

If you’re interested in getting a Glossybox, then you can use this link below. Glossybox operates a points reward system, where if you get 1000 points, then you can have a free box. Using this link gives me some points towards it. Obviously you don’t have to use it, but it’s here incase you do!



5 responses to “July Glossybox First Impressions

  1. Looks like you got a very nice box this month! I hope they keep it up.


  2. I got the lipstick in red and a stick blush from NYC instead of the mascara.
    Im your newest follower on blogluvin
    Carrieanne x


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