NYX Make Up Review – Eyeshadow Palette and Blusher


A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping with a mission – to overhaul my make up bag. I got quite a few products (which you can see here) including the NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette in A La Mode £10 and the NYX Blush in Mauve £6.  I’d seen some great reviews of NYX’s products and I’ve used both almost every day since, so I was quite excited to give them a go.

NYX is only stocked in the UK by Next, so I went to my local store where I eventually managed to find the small section selling the make up. The range was rather small and the amount there was lacking, which is a shame. However, there is a much larger range on the website, but UK shipping is £5. I think that’s quite a lot, but if you spend £35 they offer free delivery. You can check out the store locator on their site to see if NYX is sold near you.

NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette In A La Mode

photo 3

One of my favourite things about this palette, is the combination of matte and metallic shadows. Before I went shopping I knew I wanted to get some matte neutral shadows as they’re so wearable everyday and I often find that I end up with glitter all over my face if I wear shadow and blusher with glitter in them. (My Barry M Blusher, for example, is incredibly glittery) My favourite shade is definitely the matte brown at the top middle, its dark enough to accent my eye without being too dark for daily wear. It also makes my green eyes really stand out. If I want to take that same shadow and create more of an evening look, I add the darker matte brown, bottom left, or the matte black, centre, to the outsides of my eyes and blend. The white and bottom middle grey are also matte. Below are some photos of the matte brown shadow and the silver glitter on the middle right of the palette.


The shadows are reasonably well pigmented, blend well and can be built up to create a more intense colour. The brush that comes with is really not good, but I have a couple of other eyeshadow brushes that I’ve used with this and find they help to give a more even coverage. At the end of the day, I do get some creasing but I don’t wear any eyeshadow primer which I think would probably help with this, because the colour stays well near my lashes. All in all, I think this is a really good palette for it’s price. I love the range of colours and how they can be used day or night and I would definitely buy more of their eyeshadows.

NYX Powder Blush in Mauve

photo 2

As with the eyeshadow palette, I was drawn to this blush because of it’s lack of glitter. This blusher doesn’t come with a brush like my previous one, so I’ve been applying it with the brush from my old one. The colour on this is quite strong and a bit too dark for my skin so I have to use a little and blend it in quite a lot. Because of this, it’s definitely going to last me a long time. Even though this is the wrong colour, I do still quite like it but I have been going back to my old blusher at times. Here I think the lack of range at my local Next is to blame though, as there wasn’t any able to sample and only three or four shades in stock and all mixed up. Looking on the NYX website, I think the Garden Rose or Peach versions of this would suit me a lot better and I would definitely be interested in trying them in the future. Here’s me with the blusher and matte brown eyeshadow on. As I said above, I really blended in the blusher as much as I could for this.

IMG_1259 copy

Overall, I was really pleased with the quality of the products I bought. It’s a shame that there’s such a limited availability here in the UK at the moment, as I’d love to try some more of their make up range.

There’s a wider range of products available in the USA, including these Butter Lipsticks I keep seeing great reviews of and would love to try. Hopefully, their popularity in the USA will mean they’ll make their way across the pond. Until then, I guess there’s always ebay, because just look how gorgeous these shades are…



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