Benefit They’re Real Push Up Gel Eyeliner Review


Whilst in town last week, I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of the new Benefit They’re Real Push Up Gel Eyeliner. I’ve heard good things about this product so couldn’t wait to give it a go! Here’s what I thought:

To get the product out, you actually squeeze the base of the nib*. So if you squeeze too hard, you get too much product, which makes it clumpy. This will take a bit of getting used to for me. However it does hug your lash line and go on reasonably smoothly. (I always struggle with gel liners to create a smooth edge and this was no exception). The eyeliner comes out a nice pure black and has excellent staying power – it barely smudged during the 10 hours I wore it, despite my weepy eyes from hayfever.


It is also incredibly difficult to remove – I used my trusty face wipe with almost no effect, then my Liz Earle Eyebright, which usually takes off eye make up really easily. The result? I ended up with some serious panda eye – at one point it looked like I’d actually got a black eye! After a fair bit of scrubbing I got it off, with my skin feeling rather sore. It was so difficult to get off that I was feeling rather reluctant to try it again. I persevered and put a swatch on my hand to try using my Boots Essentials Eye Make Up Remover Pads. These worked better, removing all the product but leave my skin feeling greasy. Not the end of the world, but does make me feel like I need to wash after. As these are only £1.50 a pot and are often on 3 for 2, they’re a really good product for their price.

However, Benefit also have a make up remover coming out to go with the They’re Real eyeliner and mascara, which I haven’t tried but have heard very good reviews of. So I’d definitely recommend looking into that of you’re planning on buying the new eyeliner!

Overall, it is a very good product! I’m really impressed at how long it stays on, with minimum signs of wear and it does hug the lashline really well. The eyeliner is going to be released on the 28th of this month for £18.50 and the remover is £14.50.

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* Since I wrote this, Benefit have released this eyeliner. On the full size product, there is a twisty base which pushes the product up. This is meant to be a lot easier to use! Plus the size of the full sized product makes it easier to grip than the tester so I think the full sized product removes the two main issues I had when I tried out my sample.

9 responses to “Benefit They’re Real Push Up Gel Eyeliner Review

  1. Thanks for this review! I was really curious about how good this product is going to be.
    Keep up the good work.

    Ameera x


  2. That’s fair enough, it’s an expensive product! See if they let you try the remover too, I’m curious as to how well that works :)


  3. I’m so jealous you got to try this! I really want it, but can’t bring myself to spend £18.50 on eyeliner!!! AAHH!

    A very good review though! :D you’re convincing me to get it.. x


    • Aha thanks!

      I actually tried the sample out again after writing this and made a massive mess! So I’d definitely recommend trying it out at the counter and seeing how you get on with it before you buy it :) x


  4. Great review Rachael! ! There’s a value pack that has a full sized eyeliner and you get the remover and mascara free..Quite a good deal I think! It’s in my wishlist at the moment…


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